Rio Massocross information


  1. BETTGE Nico -  SCHRODER David
  2. JEŽEK Stanislav - MALÝ Vojtěch
  3. MATĚJKA Michael - RAJNIAK Boris
  • Competition type: inflatable canoes boater cross
  • Heats and quaterfinals: Saturday 1st August 2015
  • Start fee: 100 CZK/boat
  • Capacity of heats: to the limit of 32 boats, for participation is important the time of application
  • Rules: rules of WAVE Gumotex Boater Cross
  • Number of boats in a run: 4
  • Progress to the next part of the race: best 2 boats of each run


Semi-final and final: Sunday 2nd August 2015
2 semi-final runs each of 4 boats, 2 best boats of each run will participate in the final run

Boats given by organizer.